Hey IT girl! Looking for somewhere cool to shop? 2MIGHTY is a black-owned, college student ran business that was launched July 1st, 2020 and is primarily based in Atlanta, Georgia! 2MIGHTY's shoppers are hard working and goal driven IT girls who are always looking to set trends and defy boundaries!

2MIGHTY provides the latest in fashion that transcends the normal capacities of today's fashion world, because a 2MIGHTY Babe is not and will never be simply average!

The owner, Aaliyah Nelson, is passionate about providing outstanding customer service to all shoppers. She is 19 years old and is currently a sophomore at Babson College (the #1 college for entrepreneurship in the NATION) and is working towards a Bachelor's Degree for Business Administration with a specialization in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. She has always dreamt of owning a fashion business, and her online retailing presence is just the start of her many ventures! 

Aaliyah also has her own YouTube Channel, where many of you may know her from, where she documents how life is with running two business and being a student on a more intimate level (@sizzlinaaliyah on Youtube). Along with doing this, she also gives out free tips and tricks for other small business owners who may be in her position as well.

2MIGHTY appreciates all of the support the IT Girls have shown for the business and hopes that you can experience the products provided by 2MIGHTY in the near future! Stay unique! 

Aaliyah <3