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Check 'Nail Sizing’ tab for more information.

How To Apply Press On Nails

1. Wash hands. Press On Nails last longer when applied to a clean, oil-free base. Make sure hands are completely dry before continuing. 

2. Push cuticles back with nail stick (included with purchase) (optional). 

3. Buff natural nails gently using nail file and/or nail buffer (included with purchase) in the direction that the natural nail grows. Too harsh of a hand can cause irritation and burning of the natural nail. Buffed nails provide for better adhesion.

4. Wipe nail bed with alcohol wipe. Clean nails provide for better, long-lasting adhesion. If reusing press on nails, clean interior of nails for insured adhesion. 

5. Apply nail glue or nail tabs (both included with purchase) to natural nail. If using nail glue, note that the glue should also be applied to the lower portion of the interior Press On that will be placed on top of the natural nail. If using nail tabs, note that nail tabs should align with the base of the natural nail. 2MIGHTY advises application from pinky to thumb.

6. Adhere Press On Nail to your natural nail. Note that the base of the Press On Nail should align with that of the natural nail. For a more natural look, slide nail onto nail bed until it reaches cuticle area.

7. Press Down Firmly for 30 seconds.

8. Repeat steps until all 10 nails are completed.


Press On Nail Maintenance

  • Refrain from excessive force
  • Use proper application
  • Refrain from excessive dampness


How Long Do Press On Nails Last?

Nail application can last from 1-2 weeks with proper application. At the one week mark, nails may begin to lose their adhesion and pop off or lift. In order to combat this refrain from using excessive force and keep nail glue provided by 2MIGHTY in a safe, close space. 2MIGHTY's press on nails are custom made with acrylic & gel polish. This means that they can be reused even when separated from the natural nailbed and are stronger than the normal, plastic acrylic nail. However, like a salon full set, the nails may still break with the use excessive force. Do not soak in acetone for removal or nail will not be able to be reused.


Nail Removal

In order to remove nails applied with nail glue prematurely, 2MIGHTY advises to soak nails in warm soap water with cuticle oil before removal. This reduces the possibility of damage that can be caused to the natural nail when Press On Nails are removed. Make sure to take off Press On Nails gently even after soaking. Be sure to not soak nails in acetone, as that will compromise the durability of the Press On Nails as all Press On Nails purchased from 2MIGHTY are made with acrylic powder and gel polish. 

In order to remove nails applied with nail tabs prematurely, 2MiIGHTY advises gentle lifting of the Press On Nail starting from the base of the Press On Nail and continuing on facing away from the base. 

For any questions, comments, or concerns please visit the form at the bottom of this page, and 2MIGHTY will reach back to you shortly.



Q: Are all sunglasses UV Protected? Even clear glasses?

A: Yes, all sunglasses are UV Protected, even the clear sunglasses.